Greyhound buses were founded on the idea of community, and in recent years, this idea has become lost due to changes in technology and economic dislocation. Millennials today are driving less and relying more on public transit and ridesharing services, making it pivotal for Greyhound to redefine community within the fleet. By adding local hometown treasures to their itineraries and allowing communities to pick the stops along the way, Greyhound will engage its communities in a new way and allow riders and local communities to connect like never before.


Reconnecting America One Stop at a Time

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With barbecue sauce! If you’re from Raleigh and you’re fixin’ to get some BBQ, are you going to The Pit or Big Al’s BBQ? Vote now on Twitter @GreyhoundBus to help us determine our next stop #TheGreyhoundExperience

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Art Director: Patrick Napoli
Strategist: Carolyn Kocjan