Summer is coming to a close, but the good times don’t have to end. Jose Cuervo wants to keep the summer alive by encouraging you to embrace your adventurous soul. Show us your best Limeax face and remember, when you're drinking Cuervo, the good times always carry on. 


Limeax Challenge

(Climax with a Lime)



We challenge all that are admirable to put your best face forward. Take a bite of sanity and remember the good times.

Step 1: Get a slice of a lime

Step 2: Bite into the lime slice and show off your Limeax face. Take a selfie or have a friend take a picture of you in action.

Step 3: Post your selfie and watch the likes roll in.

Lime emoji-18.png

The Winner


Jose Cuervo determines the winner based upon which contender they think has
the best Limeax face. This person will win an all expenses paid trip for two to Mundo Cuervo, the birthplace of Jose Cuervo Tequila. During their stay, they will be encouraged to embrace the culture and traditions of Mexico while remembering
that good times always carry on with Cuervo.


Photos courtesy of the Mundo Cuervo Instagram page @mundo_cuervo


Art Director:  Patrick Napoli
Copywriter: Thomas Murphy